Lorenzo Crockett​

I'm a product of 70's and 80's Oakland (some early/mid 90's). Born and raised in the Bella Vista Neighborhood, the Bay Area has always been a hub of movements that embraces self-expression, individuality, and freedom of speech. It also took different forms of protest through music, visual arts, and poetry. That was the template that encouraged my colorful approach toward a blank canvas with heavy textures, bold backgrounds, and recycled materials whenever possible. 


My art reflects freedom of people, places, and things caught in a strange living purgatory of blues, jazz, post civil rights and pre-hip-hop/urban ideology. The social content and events of the day I engage in through different mediums I hope can change lives or at best put a pause on someone's story by explaining my vision to him/her that otherwise had no connection to "ART" or the "ART WORLD" which is for everyone.